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Suzy at the billing department has been very helpful, quick and timely response and resolution of our issue was made in the fastest possible time. I highly appreciate the prompt support.


I am impressed with the service I've gotten. There are some gaps in a few of the tools, but because of the good service, I've been able to work around those issues. Thank you!


Extremely helpful and straight forward support of Sherry X. Thanks for being there.


Ups and downs are part of life, but overall now we are seeing significant improvement in quality of support. All agents are putting die hard efforts to resolve tickets and really fast.I love you guys


Thank you for fast support and reslving problems.Please check if my email reply to tickets were updated. As agents told she didn't receive my email. while i showed her screen shot of sent email from my Mailbox


the reply is in time, that's very good!And the supporter is very experienced,I am very satisfied.


Coco was very helpful, and unlike other was very interested to listen and resolve issues along. I really appreciate level of his commitment and willingness to resolve problems.Thank you Coco, Thank you vps-mart company


Sherry was prompt, courteous, and solved my issue quickly. Great job!


Barne L. did a great job explaining the things I didn't know about the hosting. Thanks!


Thanks Cameron .thank you so much for understanding my querry and resolving quickly


Response time was a little bit long, but as soon as the agent started to chat, it was amazing, very professional, and I liked it !!!


thanks a lot cameron for such a great support ..everytime you provide with good support and quick solutions .


My problem with redirection was solved within mins. Thank you for instant support


You guys are awesome! Every time I've needed help you guys have saved me and supper fast as well :-) Five stars!!!!!


Service was helpful better then the other sites i visited this morning. God Bless


I've only been with your services for less than a month, but so far FANTASTIC. I really couldn't even think of something to suggest to make it better (price is unbeatable and customer support INCREADIBLE)!! I wish I could have such great support in my company.


Thank you for the help! That was some of the fastest service I’ve ever received—much appreciated!


Perfect Job, well planned and executed, in record time !!NO SURPRISE , I consider your DataBaseMart to be EXCELLENT !!!


Very good and quick service. Will continue to prefer DataBaseMart THANK YOU


I had a quick reply and even faster resolution and I appreciate it very much!


All the reps I dealt with were extremely helpful and even offered better suggestions to the problem I was having (low disk space).Thank you all for the quick and profession support work you have provided and I will look forward to working with you all into the future.


Quality of support is excellent but my server keeps crashing. That is not good


Everything was ok. My bad i deleted the notification email by mistake.


I really want more awareness for a relationship of more than 5 $ K per year instead of being suspended for $ 30


Your Service great and also price affordable, and support is also awesome but support is time taking, please improve the solving problem timing. check this link: all costumer have same problem but provide great service with great price and support.


Aimme L. Was very courteous and professional, issue solved in mins! I'm a new client and so far I am impressed.


The customer service representative was kind and solved the problem within a minute. The problem was related to the system installed on a VPS. I suggest to give the possibility to give customers the possibility to reinstall the system (possibly changing the OS) themselves. I found this very useful when using some competitor business.


Please keep up this excellent service. For small startups like me I'm already so busy building and coding apps, designing a website and working with Paypal and designing and coding for database configuration it is soooo helpful to have this service where I can get instant help. Thank you and PLEASE keep it up


Very helpful and courteous great qualities for customer service.


Dear Sir,I am being a Customer of you for about 3 years, and Angelica Y, is really the Treasure of your Company, as she is a Highly Caring, and Highly Professional, and Solved my issues, for the Second time, exactly, as I was Expecting to be doneI was just Telling you,She is the best, and bring the Smile on my face, after 2 Days of Chatting to have things sortedMaking it Simple, She is Caring, and know the Customers concerns, and how to reply, and solve the issues


Great chat experience with Sherry! Quick and smart support / Many Thanks...


How much does this plan cost me for a year Express Windows VPS knowing that I am new to the world of Windows hosting and I have independent software and do not know the options I chose when booking the server


the representative was so helpful keep giving good and quick support


Your agent did great, and answered many questions your signup data should have. I am pleased with your first timers support. And look forward to recommending your great service to my many followers. Please notify me when you get an affiliate advertising plan. My old VPS use to pay me $30 in credit for each new signup after they spent $30 with them. This helps both of us. Express Linuc VPS, 2 cores ~2.7_GHz, Fifteen TB per month bandwidth. No known penalties or fees. Package upgrade and downgrade allowed in term without reset of term. And you can get me an 8 digit ip below, so my gamers are stuck all day typing in needless digits. Sound perfect. let me know directly if i misunderstood anything.Only 2 OS rebuilds per month... this is not a feature. I can build and maintain a linux VPS and solve some problems. My default solution for complex issues though is to rebuild that VPS. It is just easier. My old provider allowed this freely and automatically. It took under a minute to reprovision the OS, with no limits on this. I hope to see you move to this level of user control down the road.


I got the right info to solve my issue in a very short time, on saturday, after all


Shane T. did a QUICK professional resolution to my problem. After 3 days of scratching my head trying different things trying to correct the problem myself, Shane resolved my problem in less than 5 minutes. Thank you Shane!


Ryan was great to work with and we nailed the issue very quickly


let's come easy to play games on this server s the chance of warm internet is what


Great job in difficult communications environment. I was on an airplane.


Good and fast very reliable response. Felt it's good decision to have server with database mart


Rena did an excellent job - very patiently explained the virtual server details - I am a novice hence I asked many stupid questions.


Aimme was extremely attentive, patient and helpful. I hope I get her again if I ever need assistance. Thank you so much Aimme


first off thanks to Aimme L., Ryan H., Angelica Y., Zoey , Jone M.who helped me get this done. I am now currently doing what i wanted to do, that is to use the product that i purchased! it is never easy doing this stuff and fact is not even possible at this point without the exemplary help from your support staff. Jason


Hats off to you and your team of customer service help there. no one time did i hear the what i did not want to hear. "you need to hire a webmaster" really i am impressed thank you all there for taking the quagmeyer on!


hows this out of the 3 places i try to get this going i have not been able to yet. only because i don't know anything yet. of the 3 places databasemart is the only one that has been there to help. thanks


I just love Databasemart, professionalism and prompt support and excellent service.


The response was quick according to the importance of the service they provide. and the answer was only to notify that the incident was solved


Awesome customer service.. Answered all my questions and even gave a little more knowledge to help me understandA+++++++++++++


I am new but so for every time has Fast and efficient... Thank you


Absolutely fantastic.. very helpful.. Resolved the problem and provided documents for the next time so I can do it myself.


What to say, you have best team to support. Everytime issues resolved by your team instantly like a friend.


Love your fast service. Like the idea that you guys response to problem right away.


Shane truly Rocks!.. Great player with in-depth knowledge..Vps-Mart is best of the bests.. Now i believe


I must start by saying the quality of service offered by Database Mart is the best I have seen, having worked with so many Hosting Companies I can proudly say Database Mart is the best. They reply to your complain very fast and they make sure they help you to solved any challenge or problem you have as soon as possible and this is one of my major reason why I love them. This review will not be complete without giving credit to some persons who have helped me, when they seems to be no hope and also make my website comes up even when I think I have come to a dead end and nothing can be done, Jone M. and Ryan H. five star for you guys , I love u, you guys are the best. Keep up the good work.


The acces issue has been resolved. There were some network issues on the support agent side that impacted the "Extremely Satisfied" rating


Coco was really best. The way he dealt, it was totally charismatic. He helped me figure out problems, and took responsibility to resolve all issues.Really best guy to see in support.


This rep saved me thousands of hours. The previous two reps that helped me were not knowledgeable about Mac interaction with Windows and wasted a lot of time spinning my wheels for hours. I almost was ready to cancel service because the issue was not able to be resolved to achieve full RDP functionality.


Sherry, Barne and Shane did a great job pointing me to the procedures I needed to have done and helping me throughout the process. a BIG thanks to the whole team. A great support crew. PS I wish the upgrade to more resources (more RAM and maybe more HDD) wasn't that pricey, probably b/c of the Windows server VPS. Otherwise I'd stay with Databasemart for many years to come. Thanks again, Sime , Syracuse NY


He responds promptly to my emails politely and offer useful assistance. I consider the officer a reliable representative that could entrusted with major responsibilities.


thank you so much cameron for such a detailed help.I am not a technical person but cameron explained the step in such a great way that worries vanished .you have great support system .thanks once again . you have always been great .


Thank you we will plan better next time that way I can help in contacting you, then it's on me if I fail.


Cameron is really a great help.. he resolves things too quicky ..thanks database mart team and thanks a lot cameron .


Resolved pending issues at lightning speed. I really appreciate the help offered. Thank You.


This was very productive support for resolving issues,Thank you for this type of technical support


thank you for help it is really a quick service and Jay the technician were very helpfulthank you


I finally got connected with Ryan and now he is helping to resolve. Fingers crossed it gets resolved quickly.


Penny was great and offered to write an email to support on my behalf, this was awesome, thank you!


Linda W. Is amazing, and helped me! I appreciate the 24/7 live chat support.


dear vps-mart.comif i have a say i will tell you that angelica is the smarter one i ever meet here maybe in my life in this kind of field she work really smart friendly and very fast she understand what u want discuss it and guide you fastdo strict tasks that really sole the issue that other stay days just trying to understand what you meani promise you give her a promotion and a raise and you have more clients here not only satisified but willing to stay here for ever thanks alot hazem abdelmonem


I appreciate her attentiveness and prompt reply. I also realize she probably had several screens open at the same time and she stayed on track very well. This gives me a good feeling that I will probably be dealing with a reputable company.


FYI, when I tried the support selection, I could not get a response for over an hour with 3 tries. The sales link, helped out and we got the problem solved.


Everything was ok. My bad i deleted the notification email by mistake.


Still do not understand why you do not have the choice of which RDP session to join when you re-login to the server. But things are working now with a single RDP enabled, so I can live with that. Cheers, ME


Thanks, Ryan For helping me, Databasemart provide great support


Your Service great and also price affordable, and support is also awesome but support is time taking, please improve the solving problem timing. check this link: all costumer have same problem but provide great service with great price and support.


I want to thank him for the third time here for helping and speed in replying...


Aimme was very helpful, we were able to get back into our server host. Thanks!


Rena quickly investigated the attempted hacking to my server and resolved the issue quickly. This was done very professionally.


cameron responds very quick to questions and that makes user experience great . thanks cameron


I appreciate the initiative the customer service rep took to renew our security certificate in a timely manner.


Usually there are no issues for my server. But this time i had space issue so I just thought to check possibilities to resolve my issue and Extemely quick action taken by representative. I am happy that i have server with database mart.


Does the Windows hosting plan have a separate domain controller associated with the domain, for example?


It has been a difficult day for me, however support functioned WELL!


Quickly responsive, quick help, easy explanations! Recommend 11/10!


very efficient and kind support by Linda. I am a new customer. Apprecaited very much. Hope to wrok with you for longterm. regards


I'm really satisfied with your quick service. It's really professional and And I highly recommend your company.


Database Mart support Team is just awesome. They do everything with passion and quality


Great team ! great support ! In no time I was handled very professionally


Sherry is a gem! Always consistent no matter what account i use to chat your company up. I have introduced over 70 people to your company in the last two years. I have noticed how patient she is ALL THE TIME no matter who the customer is and how silly the questions. She is a gem, get her to teach others please. She makes me feel pampered and important. Many thanks


Very responsive. Knowns exactly what has to be done. Extremely satisfied so far. Thanks.


Ryan understood the problem, and is getting a ticket together to have my index.html 's restored. I was hacked.


Sherry has been so helpful and answered all my questions. I did not get a chance to thank her for help and time. Thank you so much


Zoey is very cool attending to issues, and the enthusiasm to help is overwhelming. I'm highly satisfied with the customer services, so many times, including the rest of the team though, I've never for once had any issues with 'em all. Thanks


Fast, precise and efficient support as always ! Keep up the good work !


Aimme very pleasant and helpful. i am sure your not paying her enough!


The chat was very helpful. I got a better solution than I originally thought. Thanks.


Great team this eveninggreat job fixing my email isseGeorges


I appreciate the quick service, it allows us to maintain our schedule. You guys are awesome!


Thank you for all your help your service was excellent and very FAST i will definitely recommend your services to others in the future wishing you all a lovely day...


Excellent attention. I received all the information about the problem and the appropriate solution. Please continue this way.

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