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12/16/2012 - Ravi Kandel -

I have been using Database Mart for my windows hosting since last couple of years and just wanted to thank them for fulfilling all my SQL hosting needs. Sites are nearly 99.99% up-time and any problem are listened very carefully and solved immediately. I recommend this company to everyone who needs Windows and SQL Server hosting

12/15/2012 - Henrik Nielsen -

I definitely can recommend Databasemart as your business-hosting partner.

Having hosted my dedicated server with them since 2007 (upgrading from time to time) I can tell I know that their service is kind, professional and excellent. During the years, there of course have been a couple of times, when we had problems with the server, because of either hardware failures or personal mistakes by theirs or my staff. This happens - the important thing is how the people involved handle the 'burning' problems. I must say we mutually respect each other - - they handle customer (my customers) critical problems fast, dedicated, efficient and effective. The same way we try to do it ourselves. We believe in long term business partnerships. The partnership between Imco systems and Datbasemart is one of them.

Henrik Nielsen, owner Imco Systems. Databasemart customer since 2007

7/31/2012 - Gary - gary anderson

Can i just send a message of thanks for all the support databasemart have given me over the years, nothing is ever a problem and the sites are up nearly 100 % of the time. If i can just send a special thanks to support employee George whos customer care is outstanding !!!

6/27/2012 - Stefano Grossi - ARKIT INC

this was a great experience: let me know when i can review your guys somewhere else. I met Greg on the support chat, in 1 minute he fixed my problem and answered every question perfectly. Seriously, even in bigger enterprises (i come from the banking environment) this kind service level are simply impossible even to imagine. Keep going this way, that was amazing!

9/28/2011 - Jun Amistoso - row3webs

The best support staff i've had encountered, they answered my prob immediately.

9/11/2011 - David - DAL Services, Inc.

Once again, I feel compelled to say how great it is working with you folks. You give support -- even hand holding for amatuers like me! Much appreciated! I recommend this company to everyone for SQL Server hosting. I'm convinced there's nothing they can't or won't do to satisfy a customer!

9/3/2011 - David Lynn - DAL Services, Inc.

I looked at a number of solutions for SQL Server hosting, including some of the bigger outfits like Database Mart met my needs at all levels -- install, support, even some training via online chat. I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for an SQL Server solution of any size! I wish I owned stock in the company!

7/28/2011 - firas - mustakbal

I've had a big problem in my website
The support team sloved it immediately
Premium Services and I'm very happy I am one of your customers
thank you

4/15/2011 - Matteo Morresi -

The best support staff i have ever had. If there is any problem they are very very fast to fix it. Congratulations

6/26/2010 - Kien Leong - Kinetica

Database Mart are clearly dedicated to delightful support and service. The response is astonishingly fast and reliable. Together with strong performance and value for money, I don't need to look anywhere else.

3/19/2010 - Jeff Hughes - DNN Doctor

2 years later and you still rock. The support staff are really on top of things, my requests barely make it 1 hour before they are resolved.

Thanks for a great job.

11/26/2009 - Fredrik Johansson - Digitalyard Sverige AB

This is truly one of the best hosting companies out there! Amazing value for money - From less than 4$/month and up!! (Including Web with ASP.NET/PHP, SQL Server, MySQL Server, Mail, and lots more)! Can't believe my eyes - I already signed up for two accounts! Also very friendly & fast support that answer any questions within minutes!

10/7/2009 - Manu - Valuenotes

Very good sales team. Have almost convinced me to host with them

9/22/2009 - Joseph Berlo - Dog Supplies Store LLC

I thought i had a good hosting company, then i saw you and they're prices, then i received tons of technical support on top of that including online chat I'm saving money and things are less hectick thank you.

4/24/2009 - Enrico Ariel - Iwlynx

Excellent hosting company. I searched very long for a reliable and affordable .net & Sql server hosting. I’m very happy I have found Sqlservermart. They offer all features I need and above all an unbeatable support, which is the first most important feature I was looking for…

7/12/2008 - Lisa Allen - Brandywine Jewelry Supply

Great features and price, fantastic support team. They answer emails quickly, and have been very helpful in getting my domains migrated from one account to another, even restoring backups and recreating schemas for me to solve a problem with the migrated db logins. My old hosting company's tech support department was terrible ( and should take lessons from Databasemart.

5/22/2008 - G.Partheepan - Jaffna Hindu College

Very very supportive team. My site was down and database was deleted by me accidently. I have mailed to support team and my site was restored in 10 mins. Excelent Hosting Company.

4/14/2008 - Daniel Obryk -

Fastest tech support I ever had, great team, best hosting ever.

3/16/2008 - Jeff Hughes - DNN Doctor

Getting settled into a new hosting company, setting up DNS for several domains, installing DNN and additional Parent portals is no small task. The support received from DotnetnukeMart is exceptional. They are fast and accurate. The tools for controlling my account are excellent.

Thanks to the support staff, I am up and running in 1 day.

2/13/2008 - Enes Kabacaoglu -

DatabaseMart is the most professional and faultless service I ever used. Uptime, support, prices, speed and stability is excellent. Thanks everybody in DatabaseMart.

3/4/2007 - Deji Ajala (MCSD, MCDBA) - iDevWorks Technologies Ltd

I have used DatabaseMart for over a year now and I must confess that this is the most stable web+sql server hosting I have ever used! (I previously was on The service here is definately worth 20 times the price!

11/30/2006 - Mark Howard - Elexient

SQLServerMart offers the best solutions, support, and everything. The tools that they use make putting together and managing a website a piece of cake. I can't stress enough how truly thankful I am that I found SQLServerMart. They make hosting for my clients a breeze and has made my company extremely successful in the process.

Thank you SQLServerMart

-Mark Howard

3/15/2006 - Luis Azario - SoftVirtua Web Hosting

Again, I have to tell that this company is offering a Premium Service. Even when problems arrived they are ready to face them and help solving them.

Thank you everbody in DatabaseMart.


1/23/2006 - Colin Dove -

The most professional hosts I've dealt with in 7 years online. The price should not put you off - when i found sqlservermart i thought "too cheap", but went ahead and I'm glad i did - the service is truly amazing.

in 3 months i've had 100% uptime - a first for me - almost unlimited sql databases, vast bandwidth, excellent speed, instant support response (a TRUE 24/7 service, again for the first time) - these guys are just wow.

don't want to link to my sites in this, but i've told sqlservermart that I'd be happy to talk personally to anyone who wanted a bona fide recommendation. trust me: trust them...

1/8/2006 - John Marfia -

You have the best hosting company I've ever dealt with guys are fantastic.

12/14/2005 - Mark Howard -

I wanted you guys to know that SQL SERVER MART ROCKS!!!!

You guys have great support. I love SQL SERVER MART.

You guys beat the crap out of all the competition.

11/9/2005 - Billy Clark -

i have used over 10 hosts and yours is the best in every single way. most are either great at one thing, but not at all things. y'all are great at all things. thank you for existing and showing me what a full service with true service means.

11/8/2005 - Leo Garcia - HyperText Group

I was looking for a host who supported the helm control panel, offered a reseller account, smartermail, sql server, and only hosted code on there servers. Databasemart fit the bill perfect.

10/25/2005 - Cristobal Arevalo -

I want to congratulate you guys because you have been very kind, pleasant and helpful with me and so far, I am extremely happy with both support and quality of service. I finally found a place run by real people that are focused on my real needs. Keep up the great work!

9/14/2005 - Joao Martins -

Check out They specialize at asp and hosting, including dotnetnuke! Their servers are fast and stable. And have one of the most friendly supports I've ever seen.

9/6/2005 - Brian Lagunas -

Thank you very much! You all should get a huge raise. This is by far the best host I have ever had and will never change to anyone else, I will be transferring all my other sites to SQL Server Mart, and I will recommend everyone one I know to use your services. Keep up the great work.

A very satisfied customer

8/23/2005 - Luis Azario -

I have to say that DatabaseMart is one of the most professional provider I have had. I am hosting with them a Critical site for my business, a large Sql-Server database among other sites.

They helped me since the first day till present ( including today ) with all hosting, control panel and database issues I asked them.

They help me uploading my database backup, restoring and migrating it in no more than an hour.

They also helped me to program the backups of one Sql-Server database on a regular basis, noboy offered me this service level.

I have nothing but good words about them. It took me a lot of time, but I think that I had found an Excelent provider in all aspects, I should recomend them in any way.

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