Why Choose Windows Hyper-V Instead of Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Windows Server?

Quick migration

Enables movement of running virtual machines from one host to other host servers with minimal downtime.

High Availability

Hyper-V includes support for host-to-host connectivity and enables you to cluster all virtual machines running on a host.

Server Core role

Hyper-V is now available as a role in a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2008.

Integrated into Server Manager

Hyper-V is integrated into Server Manager by default and customers can now enable the role within Server Manager.

Live Backups with VSS

Hyper-V includes support for Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to enable you to take Live Backups of running virtual machines in terms of snapshots.

VHD tools

Hyper-V also includes support for VHD tools to enable compaction, expansion and inspection of VHDs created with Hyper-V.

Linux integration components

Beta Linux integration components are now available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 x86 and x64 Editions. These integration components enable Xen-enabled Linux to take advantage of the VSP/VSC architecture and provide improved performance. Beta Linux Integration components are available for immediate download through connect.microsoft.com.

VM Manageability

Enables customers to easily import or export virtual machine settings to take backups of configurations and to be able to clone the virtual machine characteristics across different hosts.

Improved performance

Hyper-V includes several fixes to improve performance. All new Windows Server 2008 virtual machines will now automatically include the integration components.

Improved access control with AzMan

Hyper-V now includes support for Authorization Manager (AzMan) to enable Role-Based Access Control models for better administration of the Hyper-V environment with increased security.

Remote Management

Hyper-V supports remote management and also provides a Hyper-V MMC only installation option for a separate management node.

Increased Virtual SCSI support

Hyper-V now includes support for up to four virtual SCSI controllers per virtual machine enabling broader disk support.

Increased Memory Support

Hyper-V supports up to 64GB of memory per virtual machine.

Quick Reset

Hyper-V provides administrators the option to quickly Reset Checkboxes and Delete saved credentials that are used to connect to virtual machines.


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